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PADM 5450. International Public and NGO Management

Course Project

The course project for the semester consists of a detailed management analysis of a programme being implemented by an international public organization or an international NGO. In some cases, where the organization has a limited, focussed purpose, the organization itself can be analyzed. Starting with its goals and objectives, the analysis should deconstruct its programmatic logic. Examining its vision, goals and objectives as stated in official documents, but looking critically for hidden or unstated objectives. Then looking at implementation in terms of performance indicators, either of the organization or that you posit. You should put yourself in the position of both a stakeholder in the organization, concerned with effectiveness, and of an outside observer. The final version of the paper should be able to answer the questions, what is the programme doing and how well, and make proposals for how it could be made more effective.

Sequence of steps

  1. The first step is to select such a programme. (DUE SEPTEMBER 19)
  2. The next step is to examine the goals, objectives and intended outcomes of the programme.
  3. The third step is to determine performance indicators based on the objectives and intended outcomes and reflect them in an outline.(DUE OCTOBER 17)
  4. The fourth step is to make over-time examination of performance, including production of output, draw conclusions about management improvements that could help improve effectiveness and reflect them in the first draft .(DUE NOVEMBER 10)
  5. The fifth step is to take into account comments on your first draft and reflect this in the final draft. (DUE IN FINAL VERSION, DECEMBER 8)

Posting of papers

  • Your various products may be posted on a Blackboard page in the course website to assist discussion.

Helpful supporting material

 To help with some of the concepts, you can refer to

Examples of papers from previous years

Examples of papers in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 will be posted in Blackboard by mid-September.

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