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This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with International Public and NGO Management. They have been selected because of their intrinsic importance or because they have links to other sites of a similar nature. The information is divided into the following categories:

The inner structure of many sites is changed frequently with links being removed and, as a result, links may not always work. In that case, go to the organization's main page and see if the link has been re-named.

United Nations System

As a result of the Internet, the organizations of the United Nations system are more accessible than ever before. Each organization has a web site that contains invaluable information about its work as well as some information about its management. The following are key links to the System

  • United Nations. This is the main United Nations page, focussing on the work of the Secretariat mostly in New York.
  • United Nations System web locator. This is a master page containing links to all of the Organizations of the United Nations system.
  • World Bank. This is a complex, but user friendly portal to the World Bank Group. It has different types of material according to interest, including NGO's and journalists.
  • World Trade Organization. This is a new and very important organization whose web pages include the results of dispute resolution, providing an insight into processes that is unique.
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Academic sources on the United Nations System

A number of sites contain work about or links to work about the United Nations system by scholars. These are some of the best sites.

  • Foreign Affairs On-line. A site at the University of Virginia organized by a Professor at Tufts University in Massachusetts with excellent, well-organized links to many international organization sites.
  • Fred Riggs' site. A retired professor at the University of Hawaii, and one of the earliest academics to deal with both political science and public administration, Riggs has organized a site with many useful links.
  • The Global Public Policy Project " is part of the United Nations Foundation's "Visioning the UN" program, which aims to support the UN as it prepares for the coming millenium. Our objective is to prepare a report that outlines the challenges of globalization for public policymaking and examines the potential contribution of trisectoral global public policy networks (comprising government actors, nongovernmental organizations, and for-profit companies). Relying on traditional research as well as a comparative analysis of a number of case studies of existing networks, the report will present a set of actionable recommendations on how the UN could employ global public policy networks in its efforts to address global challenges." It is directed by Francis Deng (who is/was a Special Rapporteur for the UN Commission on Human Rights) and Wolfgang Reinicke (author of Global Public Policy, a text used in the course).
  • Academic Council on the UN System. This is a group of academics and international officials who basically support the organization. Its site has extensive links to others as well as copies of the studies made by ACUNS.
  • Journal of International Organizations Studies. A relatively new academic journal founded by members of ACUNS.
  • The United Nations Scholars' Workstation, developed by the Yale University Library and the Social Science Statistical Laboratory, is a collection of
    texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and pointers to print and electronic information. In addition to resources at Yale it has an extensive and well-classified set of links to other sources on the Internet.
  • International Relations and Security Network (ISN). A site set up by the Swiss Government but maintained by academic researchers, It includes a link to databases containing statistics relevant to international relations maintained with SIPRI (the Swedish International Peace Research Institute) as well as an extensive library of searchable links to other sources.
  • International Political Science Association has links to all of the national political science associations affiliated with IPSA .
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Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-governmental organizations, or civil society, is an important part of international management. These links are to sources about the role of NGOs as well as the work of specific NGOs of particular interest in the course.

  • Global Policy Forum NGO links. The Global Policy Forum is an NGO working at UN Headquarters. This page provides links to much of the UN material on the role of NGOs as well as to general issues of NGO participation in work of the United Nations.
  • UN Wire, a service provided by the United Nations Foundation established as a result of the $10 billion grant from Ted Turner has news clippings about the United Nations from all over the world, categorized by subject. You will have to register to become a user, but it is free.
  • United Nations Association of the USA is a major pro-UN NGO. It has news stories on the UN that often are hard to find in the media.
  • NGO Global Network is a gateway whose "aim is to help promote collaborations between NGOs throughout the world, so that together we can more effectively partner
    with the United Nations and each other..." Contains links to web sites of a large number of NGO's classified by main issue interest.
  • Amnesty International is an important human rights NGO. The site also contains links to other human rights NGOs.
  • United Nations Civil Society Website "provides issue-based information on the work of the United Nations, its agencies, funds and programmes. The statements of the Secretary-General
    and the Deputy-Secretary-General on United Nations priorities are also accessible by theme. The site explains how non- governmental organizations qualify for consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) or can become associated with the Department of Public Information. It links the interested users with United Nations Depositary Libraries and United Nations Associations worldwide; with United Nations Information Centres and the Web sites they have created at the local level to disseminate information on the work of the United Nations. Young people can be linked directly with CyberSchoolBus and Model UN projects. Calendars of events and Non-Governmental Organizations Directories, as well as United Nations system publications on specific issues on the agenda of the General Assembly can all be accessed in a user-friendly way."
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Non-UN international public organizations

In addition to the United Nations System and its universal-membership organizations, there are a number of major international organizations with limied membership. Many are regional, others are subject matter specific. Here are some links to a few of the major one.

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Press Releases on the United Nations System

Press releases are one of the best ways to keep current about activities in the United Nations System. However, each UN headquarters and UN system organization has their own site for publishing press releases.

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