Current as of October 20, 2016


Course Project Outline


The outline due on October 28 should set the stage for analysis of the program or organization that has been chosen. It should be short (at most one page plus the logframe) To do that, it should contain three things.

  1. How you are going to do an analysis of the goals, objectives and performance indicators of the organization as set out in its program planning documents or annual reports (e.g. your source of data);
  2. How you plan to structure your analysis (in outline form).
  3. An initial logframe showing what you think the organization intends to accomplish based on what the organization now says.

CONVERSION OF VISION INTO PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES is a tool that can be used to help analyze goals and objectives and set performance indicators. It can be used as a model of how the analysis could be made. You will eventually convert these into the final logframe.

You can also use the Handbook on RBM that is found in the Blackboard to see how to formulate the logframe.